March 2018

Big News from Seattle’s Original Organic Cafe

SEATTLE, WA – Entering our 15th year in business, the Chaco Canyon Organic Café is undergoing some notable and exciting changes in the upcoming year. To optimize our financials and better serve and day to day operations, we sold our University location last year to a separate ownership group, who has operated it admirably as a franchise over the past 10 months. In recent weeks, the ownership group has decided that they would like to terminate their relationship with Chaco Canyon
so they can debut a new independent café in the space. While we are saddened for the University community to lose their dedicated space for vegan and organic cuisine, we wish the owners luck in their new endeavor.

We are excited to focus on our two remaining locations, West Seattle and Greenwood, while concurrently searching for a new venue for our third location. When we opened our Greenwood store in 2014 we didn’t properly consider the effects of the proximity to University, and this caused a significant dilution of our customer base from Ballard, Crown Hill and Shoreline. In order to best serve the greatest number of people who crave homemade vegan cuisine, we have though for some time we would like to re-locate our third store to a far different neighborhood, and now we have the chance to do so. There are a number of communities that we think Chaco would be an ideal fit in, so please be on the lookout for your favorite vegan store in a neighborhood
near you!

Since our inception, Chaco Canyon Cafe has become a serious example of how conscious business practices can sustain the local community. The certified organic cafe strives to leave the smallest impact on the environment by keeping sustainability at the forefront of all sourcing and operational decisions. We have received numerous awards recognizing this commitment, including the 2013 Seattle Business Magazine Green 50, the 2014 Recycler of the Year from the WSRA, and most recently the 2017 Chinook Book Heart of Seattle Award – for which we are also a top-3 finalist this year.

We look forward to seeing you all at Chaco Greenwood and West Seattle as we continue to serve the Seattle community high-quality, nutrient-dense, homemade vegan food for years to come.

Thank you,

Chris Maykut (Founder and Partner), Mohamed Youseff (Owner and Partner)

Chaco CanyonBig News from Seattle’s Original Organic Cafe
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