About Us

The Chaco story

Chaco Canyon was created with one not-so-simple goal: to create a cafe that could nourish the community while also being a powerful voice for a sustainable business practices. Launched in 2003 by owner Chris Maykut, our ethos has been driven by the narrative that businesses can be great for the planet, great for the people, and also be profitable and sustainable.

Throughout the years we have grown steadily and transformed what we do and how we do it by listening to our passionate employees and vociferous community. Our original location was a tiny, cramped basement space on the corner of 50th and Brooklyn where we served juice, espresso and Seattle’s first daily raw food menu. Today, we have two beautiful locations and over 35 dedicated, hardworking people who are eager to create fresh, nutritious, high-integrity, no-B.S. food that is accessible to anyone no matter what your diet consists of.

Environmentalism has always been at the heart of the cafe, and it dictates nearly every small and large decision that we make. From the obvious (over 90% of our hand-sorted waste is recycled, reused or composted) to the impressive (our food is between 90-97% organic no matter the time of year) to the esoteric (we don’t provide to-go utensils of any kind… but you’re free to borrow silverware), we are passionate about walking the walk when it comes to environmentally-sound business practices and reaching our ultimate goal of having zero net impact on the planet!

Along the way we have become a beacon for many people’s specialized dietary choices. Not only do we cater to people who choose raw or vegan diets and those looking for local and organic cuisine, but also gluten-free, soy-free, and many other common allergies. While our food does enable all of these communities to dine at Chaco Canyon, the majority of our impassioned clientele return day after day because of the quality and deliciousness of what we make day after day by hand with the best ingredients we can find.

We exist not only to provide unique, healthy, and delicious food for a diverse Seattle community, but to provide a blueprint for business that proves that it is possible to value people and the environment as much as profitability and still thrive. Thank you for supporting a business that is dedicated to supporting the planet!

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