Our Food Philosophy

Great Ingredients = Great food

We source the best ingredients available. Sustainably produced, organic, GMO-free, eco-friendly, and local – we take it all under consideration in sourcing, while balancing it with keeping the cost of food reasonable for our community.

Slow Food isn’t a speed, it’s an ethos

The Slow Food Movement is not about slow service, it is about our pledge to not sacrifice quality in order to get food to you as quickly as possible. Our informal café setting makes it easy to forget we are not “Fast Food”, but neither are we “Slow Food”. We take just the right amount of time, to get your food to you, to the standard you expect, as quickly as we can.

We don’t hide any of our ingredients, there’s no need to

We strive to serve the most nutrient-dense, nourishing food we can, and don’t stuff your food with unhealthy fillers. We want you to walk out the door feeling energized – that’s what food should do!

We don’t cut corners with ingredients

If we can’t afford what we want to include in the dish, we adapt the dish to be complete without it. A complete listing of every ingredient in all our food is always available at the front register.

We don’t reverse engineer our vegan menu according to cost

One of the ways we build our menu is by buying directly from local organic farms – purchasing the things that grow well on their farms – and then creating dishes from those items.

brandontutmarc_pqo1knOur Food Philosophy