Things that Make Us Feel Warm and Fuzzy: Socks and Coffee

Spread the joy of hot coffee next time you’re in the cafe!

Join the nationwide movement started in 2013 that has changed the way we care about each other. Introducing: Suspended Coffee.

John M. Sweeney (founder & chief kindness officer, yes that’s his official title) re-introduced Suspended Coffee into cafes around the world in 2013. Based off old Naples tradition, the term “caffè sospeso” means “suspended” or pending coffee. With roots in working-class Naples, a person experiencing a stroke of good luck would purchase two coffees. The patron would then take one coffee with them and leave the extra for someone in need. This anonymous act of charity has grown into a international program.

At Chaco we love being a part of a something that brings us together. Suspended Coffee is an opportunity for us to promote kindness and strengthen our communities.
“It can provide physical comfort, conversation, a smile or even a laugh, and a sense of belonging. A suspended coffee can change lives, sometimes even save them.” Read more at or check out this video!


Chaco wants you to know that we can “suspend” any menu item! Just tell us at the counter when you order your meal.

Add a Hippie Bowl, or Avocad-O Smoothie to our donation cup and know that you took part in feeding someone.
So come on by and make a stranger’s day, donate something sweet and simple. We’ll make the coffee!

Box of Sox Now at Chaco Greenwood

Chaco Greenwood is proud to be a WeCount donation drop off zone. WeCount is a local organization connecting those in need with items that are essential, by asking neighbors to donate what they can. This is a great way to unite as a community and assist one another with acquiring some of the basics. WeCount takes donations of outdoor gear, personal hygiene products, home goods, and much more!

They even have an App!

You can use the app simply by having a text-enabled phone or email address. After creating an account, users can choose to seek help or donate.
Our Greenwood location has now adopted a box as a part of the Box of Sox Program. This drive is specifically geared to helping our community members that need help this upcoming winter season! We are accepting new or lightly used socks for donation. Sometimes the little things make a big difference. Help us keep our community warm and cozy this winter. Drop by and donate!
To find out more information about donating & how you can get involved in the cause visit
Help us fill our box FULL of sock!

Tis the Season
Courtney Denney
General Manager
Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe & Bakery, Greenwood

Chaco CanyonThings that Make Us Feel Warm and Fuzzy: Socks and Coffee

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