Your Vegan Restaurant in Seattle

The Chaco Canyon Organic Café features 100% vegan, housemade, nutrient-dense cuisine. From our baked goods to our raw desserts, to our sandwiches, salads and soups, our food is totally free of all animal products, including dairy, honey and eggs.

We believe that providing vegan and organic cuisine is one of the best choices we can make for our planet. Plant-based dietary choices reduce CO2 and methane emissions, are a more efficient use of precious water supply, and reduce chemical and pollutant release into our environment. Overall, it is well established that a plant-based diet has a much smaller ecological footprint and helps ensure environmental sustainability on a global level. We have been doing our part for 12 years!

We do offer organic, local dairy for our coffee drinks, but ensure that cross-contamination does not occur by keeping and utilizing a “vegan” steam wand at all locations.

Quality Vegan Ingredients

  • We source the best vegan ingredients available in Seattle (sustainably produced, organic, eco-friendly, and local) while balancing it with keeping the cost of food reasonable for you, our dear community.
  • We don’t hide any of our ingredients, there’s no need to.  We strive to serve the most nutrient-dense, nourishing food we can, and don’t stuff your food with unhealthy fillers.  We want you to walk out the door feeling marvelous!
  • We don’t cut corners with ingredients.  If we can’t afford what we want to include in the dish, we adapt the dish to be complete without it.  A complete listing of every ingredient in all our food is always available at the front register.
  • We don’t reverse engineer our vegan menu according to cost. One of the ways we build our menu is by buying directly from local organic farms – purchasing the things that grow well on their farms – and then creating dishes from those items.


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