We Changed Our Table Numbers but Who’s Counting?

As it turns out, a lot of our cherished customers were counting!

old numbers

Recently, I’ve received a number of concerns from customers in regards to our change in table numbers. Most claim that the new table numbers feel corporate, rather than artsy. I wanted to take a chance to address this set of concerns and explain the decision making process.

Here at Chaco, we always want to make our space an inclusive area for all people, of all types of ability.

Hand-drawn table signs that are artistic may give a certain feeling to some folks. However, our new signs are more accessible to people with differing vision abilities.

In “the flock”, our term for the collective upper management team here at Chaco, we discussed and debated the topic with passion. We were anticipating both the positive and negative reactions, and then coming to an action plan. Prior to the change, both customers and employees alike commented regularly on how the signs were hard to read at best and made illegible due to artistic flair at worst.

new numbers

The new numbers we decided on have a very different feel, for sure. They have clean, printed lines and bold solid colors as opposed to hand drawn lines with more textured colors. It only takes a short walk down the street in Seattle to see how the corporate trends play out stylistically in our lives. We know the association. Brushed steel, shiny plastic, and clean modern lines define the designs that fill the sidewalks of neighborhoods that were once covered in handmade, “quirky” feeling designs.

Chaco Canyon Cafe does not want to become “big organic” or “big vegan”.

We are aimed at accessibility and inclusivity.

We are not rooted in the stylistic changes you see in the street, which are based on style and exclusivity.

For years, our loyal customers have gotten used to figuring out our old numbering system. Maybe you have a number that was regularly yours, or you have a friend who drew one of them (I certainly do). As a result, that change makes a place that felt like home a bit different than it was before. At a time when many other similar changes are happening in that same way all around you, one more change may be hard to swallow.

We understand that it is scary. We’d also ask you to try and take a step outside of that perspective. Imagine what it might be like to have that feeling of home be less approachable, less inviting due to visual disability and less-than-standard signs. We hope you now understand the dilemma we faced.

We’ve heard the outcry from a portion of our customer base over this loss of art. Moving forward, I want to make a commitment to all of our loyal customers to fill our space with beautiful art and thriving plants to help continue that feeling of home for you, in other ways. If you have any contacts who would like to display their art, feel free to be in touch with us.

We want Chaco to feel like your comfortable artsy home while always striving to be as accessible as humanly possible! Thank you for taking the time to read and think on all of this.

Avalon Zanoni
Manager, U-District
Chaco Canyon Cafe

Chaco CanyonWe Changed Our Table Numbers but Who’s Counting?

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  • Robert - November 12, 2016 reply

    Thank-you Avalon.
    I appreciate your words.

    It is a scary time and being at Chaco Caynon makes me feel stronger, feeds my compassion to understand others and fuels my desire for positive change.
    I like the new numbers, they are easier to read. And yes to plants!

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